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"What to wear?!"

The question on every client's lips!

Avoid logos please e.g. pictures, characters, numbers, words etc. as we're after a timeless shot - plus they compete for attention and you will notice these rather than your faces.

For Spring outdoor sessions the pictures will look better without coats so it's good to layer - vests,

t-shirts, light jumpers and cardigans. If it does rain, a colourful pair of wellies and sometimes a simple but bright raincoat can actually make a picture really pop, so coming prepared with a few layers and changes will really help! Bodywarmers over jumpers can look good too.

Be careful with stripes & large spots - as with logos, your eyes will be drawn to the clothing rather than your faces.  Go for lighter rather than heavy knits.  

For a family session, it's best to subtly co-ordinate, such as all casual or all smart / all brights, or all pastels, or all earthy tones (see right).  Don't go crazy on the matchy-matchy but if you lay out some outfits in advance you will quickly see who will draw the eye more than everyone else.

For a fine art sitting, you will be seated and shown from the waist up only. Avoid sleeveless tops and bring a selection of simple, elegant clothing to choose from, although, do also bring along the faded, holey favourite tops which can look good for boys in particular.  Many a time we have forgone the smart shirt in favour of the slightly tatty fine knit, as mums have decided they prefer to remember their child this way after all!


We can chat more about all of this on the telephone, however after some requests for more personal help with this I am now offering an in-person clothing consultation.  It's been a popular option and by seeing the wardrobe of the person I am shooting (plus toys and favourite things of any children involved) I can get a better insight in to the personalities I'm dealing with.

Having the outfits chosen and laid out ready to go before the day can really help with the smooth running of the shoot, not to mention helps to relax the parent/s responsible for dressing everyone, getting them there on time, hoping they'll behave and oh, giving me lots of relaxed smiles no matter what their little ones are doing! 

What else to bring

Spare clothes

Cuddly friends welcome

Bubbles for babies can be fun

Wet wipes at the ready for mouths and noses

Wellies are essential for bluebell wood sessions where there can be brambles

Chocolate after the shoot only please (and no orange food before please as it stains the mouth!)

I usually have a little stash of sweets and stickers to keep flagging little ones going if alright with you

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